Welcome To Colin's Radio Northsea International Pages

Every Saturday between Noon & 3pm, I play one of the RNI Top 50s charts, in its entireity on Radio Northsea Gold. 

The station's web address is: www.radionorthseagold.net

Check out what happened during our 1999, 2000 and  2001 broadcasts as well as other great features on R.N.I., it's history and its 'jocks'.

I am in the process of updating all my RNI pages, but as always, it takes time, so please be patient.

Can you help? I am trying to put together a comprehensive history of the English service of Radio Northsea International.

Do you have any recordings of shows that you could pass onto me or sell to me?

Do you have any copies of the Dutch RNI Top 50s (1971-74), or the International Service charts (1970 & 1971-74) you no longer want?

Do you have any RNI literature (particularly the 1971 & 1976 Vic Pelli books) you no longer read?

Do you have any "offshore" magazines from the early 70s, that make reference to RNI, just gathering dust?

If the answer to any other these questions is "Yes", then please do send me an email, giving details, & I'll get back to you. My address is colin@quizquest.fsnet.co.uk