In the many communications (letters & e-mails) we received, in addition to telling us how much both R.N.I. broadcasts had been enjoyed/appreciated, it has become apparent just how popular R.N.I. was and how many people can relate things in their lives back to records they heard on R.N.I.

I therefore thought it could be a great idea to start up a fan club, which in addition to keeping people informed of future broadcasts, could be a central point for an exchange of information on the station which we all like so much.

I wanted to keep the costs involved realistic, so 7.50 (increased to 8 for second year subscription) was the sum chosen.

For this, in addition to receiving a quarterly newsletter (Issues No.1-7 - each 24 pages - are pictured below - so I hope you will accept that this is not another of those 'take the money & run' situations that I know some people have experienced when dealing with other Offshore Revivals), you do get a chance to influence and help out on future broadcasts. All the money raised goes towards our broadcasts, which cost between 4,000-5,000 each.

                                Issue No.1                                    Issue No.2                                

Issue No.3                                Issue No.4

                                                            Issue No.5                                        Issue No.6

Bulletin No.7

It really does cost around 5,000 to put on each R.S.L. (over 3,500 of which goes to the Radio Authority and Performing Rights Society), so obviously the more people we can get to contribute a small sum, the greater the chances of raising the necessary money.

Also, please be assured that no broadcasters are paid for their services. All time given is on a strictly voluntary basis. All records that are played are from private collections (mainly mine and Paul Graham's) and if we need a record it is either lent, or we have to go and buy it out of our own money.

So, if you would like to join, please send a cheque or international money order, made payable to 'Radio Northsea International Fan Club' to:

26 Dunthorpe Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO16 8YN.

I will acknowledge each membership. That is my promise to you. - Colin Lamb

Latest update: (May 2002)

I came up with the idea of the Fan Club driving home from the Mebo II on Wednesday May 3, 2000. I recorded the ad for it that evening & it went out on air the next day. The first membership was received first post Friday May 5, from a Mr R.Pryor of Ramsgate (less than 24 hours after the first advert went out on air). Brilliant. Two/three additional members were recruited during the Radio London RSL in August 2000 and two have joined after reading this page. 


Note - the money raised from the Fan Club paid for the 200 application fee for the 2001 R.S.L., so your contributions do make a difference. Membership at May 31, 2002, is 32.

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